School Enrolment

In order to avoid overcrowding, or the likelihood of overcrowding, Makarewa School has been directed by the Ministry of Education to have an enrolment scheme.

All students residing within the zone including properties on both sides of boundary roads as depicted on the Makarewa School Enrolment Zone map will be entitled to enrol at Makarewa School. If you live within our school zone, then you have an automatic entitlement to enrol your child at our school.


If, however, you live outside of our school zone then your child’s enrolment may only be accepted if we have space.  The Board of Trustees runs two enrolment periods, one for the first half of the year and the other for the second half of the year.  The number of  out of zone places available are determined for each of these periods occur in September and May respectively. An advertisement is then placed in the local newspaper asking for enrolments.  If you have an enrolment on file with us already then we will also contact you personally to keep you updated.  If we were to receive more enrolments than the number of spaces on offer then selection would need to be made by ballot.


- For a copy of the enrolment zone map click here or contact the school office.

- To download an application form for enrolling an out of zone student click here.

- To download information about enrolment schemes please click here.


If you have any questions about Makarewa School's enrolment scheme, or wish to enrol your child at Makarewa School, please contact the school office.


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