Leadership Team

Kevin Silcock
Kevin Silcock
Nicola Young
Senior Syndicate Leader
Nicola Young

Junior Team

1-2 Janine Wills  janine.wills@makarewa.school.nz
1-2 Katie Williamson katie.williamson@makarewa.school.nz
2-3 Kate Bartlett kate.bartlett@makarewa.school.nz

Senior Team

3-4 Jemma Ferguson jemma.ferguson-kollat@makarewa.school.nz
5-6 Trudy Snow trudy.snow@makarewa.school.nz
5-6 Nicola Young nicola.young@makarewa.school.nz


Reading Recovery Teacher

Trudy Snow


Part Time Staff

Classroom Release Teacher  Deborah Silcock deborah.silcock@makarewa.school.nz
Reading Recovery Release Teacher Deborah Silcock deborah.silcock@makarewa.school.nz
Deputy Principal Release Gabby Asplin gabby.asplin@makarewa.school.nz
Extension Programme Gabby Asplin gabby.asplin@makarewa.school.nz
Beginning Teacher Release Hailey Cundall hailey.cundall@makarewa.school.nz


Office Staff

Secretary Mrs Nicola Hinton-Sharp 
Office (pm) Mrs Philippa Christie
Library Mrs Philippa Christie


Teacher Aides

Krystal McLean 

Savanna Steel

Pam Hamilton

Mahina Spence


Caretaker Vanessa Dawson
Cleaner Ian Brown

Board of Trustees

Rachael Norman Chair
Scott Cundall Parent Representative
Adair Caudwell Parent Representative
Nigel Finnerty Parent Representative
Suzi Pope Parent Representative
Katie Williamson Staff Rep
Kevin Silcock Principal



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